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Scalable Vector Graphics

The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is a widely used file format for displaying vector graphics on the web. It is an XML-based format that describes two-dimensional vector graphics using a set of geometric shapes, such as lines, curves, and polygons. SVG files can be created and edited using various software tools, and they offer several advantages over other image formats. One key advantage is that SVG graphics can be scaled up or down without losing quality, as they are resolution-independent. This makes SVG files ideal for displaying graphics on different devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Additionally, SVG files are lightweight and can be compressed, resulting in smaller file sizes compared to raster image formats. SVG files can be rendered directly by web browsers, making them suitable for creating interactive and animated graphics on websites. They also support a range of styling options, including colors, gradients, and transparency effects. Overall, the SVG format provides a versatile and flexible solution for creating and displaying vector graphics in various digital contexts.

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